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4 Qualities of Great Yoga Leggings


Once upon a time (not so long ago), the only people who wore yoga pants were yogis — athletes searching for a high-end alternative to plain cotton leggings for their sessions on the mat. However, following the rise of “athleisure” fashion in recent decades, yoga wear brands were suddenly everywhere. Almost overnight, stylish workout clothing exploded in popularity, and today, you can find people wearing black yoga leggings everywhere — in class, running errands, even out on dates or to the office!

With trendy workout clothes setting the new norms in casual wear, black yoga leggings are the new blue jeans — and it seems they’re here to stay. In 2017, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that U.S. imports of elastic knit pants surpassed blue jeans imports for the first time ever.

So with all these new yoga pants on the market, how can you find a great, high-quality pair of leggings? Your clothes are an investment, and you want to make sure you’re getting the best of the best.

At Thomas Michael Fashions, we know activewear. We’ve made it our mission to become one of the best activewear brands on the market, and our dedication to quality is reflected in every stitch of our products. Read on to learn more about the qualities you should look for in your yoga pants, and feel free to browse our online store to find cute, high-quality yoga clothes today!

1. Durability

As we said, your clothes are an investment, and you want to make sure they’re built to last. This is especially important for an article of clothing that you’ll probably be wearing quite a bit! (If you’re anything like us, you’ll practically be living in your yoga pants.)

Say goodbye to cheaply-made leggings that lose their shape or rip immediately. Choose an activewear brand like that uses high-quality raw materials and durable construction to make sure your yoga pants are built to last.

2. Comfort

A pair of uncomfortable yoga pants is like a water bottle with a hole in the bottom — what’s the point? Part of the reason yoga pants have become so popular is that they are so comfortable. If your yoga pants are itchy or unbreathable, or if you’re constantly tugging and adjusting how they fit, it’s time to find a better pair. Feel free to browse our selection at Thomas Michael Fashions to get started!

3. Flattering Fit

Black yoga leggings are nearly universally flattering — and they can be worn with almost anything. However, as with any article of clothing, you want to make sure that your yoga pants are well-constructed and the right size for your body.

Yoga leggings should stretch slightly over your skin and conform to your body shape. If they are too large, they may look loose or baggy, and if they are too small, they may stretch out and lose their shape, or create a “sausage roll” effect. Make sure you avoid this by choosing the appropriate size for you!

The construction of the yoga leggings may change how they look on your body — for example, there are butt-shaping leggings and slimming leggings. Have a little fun with it, and find a pair of yoga pants that makes you feel happy and confident!

4. Versatility

Finally, your yoga pants should be versatile enough to handle almost any situation — durable enough for hiking through thornbushes, comfortable enough to lounge in at home, stretchy enough to wear to the studio, and flattering enough to wear on a date. Do yours check all the boxes?

Yoga pants are here to stay, and you can wear them almost anywhere. Don’t settle for less than the best when investing in your own pair.

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Now that you know what you’re looking for, feel free to take a look around Thomas Michael Fashions’ online store! Our clothing is crafted by experienced activewear designers using top-quality raw materials with an attention to detail that leaves no stitch out of place. Conquer your closet and find your new favorite pair of black yoga leggings from Thomas Michael Fashions today!